The Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association studies and practices the armed and unarmed martial traditions of Middle Age Europe. The Appleton chapter offers instruction in a variety of systems, with a heavy focus on the German style of longsword and wrestling.


Class Information


Longsword classes are the primary focus of the WHFA-Appleton chapter. Instruction follows the longsword tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer and the subsequent teachings of German fencing master, Joachim Meyer. The classes teach basic fencing fundamentals, develop athleticism, and explore longsword fencing treatises through drills and sparring exercises.

||Sundays & Wednesdays 1900 - 2100


Senior Open Mat is for free-scholar ranked members and club officers. It is intended to provide an opportunity to explore HEMA in an open study format, as well as allow instructors and officers time to prep for classes and conduct club-related duties. 

||Wednesdays 1730 - 1900


SHEMA is a biweekly women-only night at WHFA Appleton. The focus of the class is on technique and precision. Ladies are encouraged to bring techniques and aspects of The Art that they are interested in exploring. Practice is planned, but makes room to address the interests and difficulties of the students.

||Alternating Mondays 1730 - 1900


Fight nights are for controlled full-contact sparring. It is not limited to a single or particular weapon.  It gives the opportunity for students to experience what a sparring/competition environment is like. It's also a great way for students to explore practical applications of the techniques and concepts developed during instructor-led classes, and it’s a great way for tournament-oriented students to stay sharp for upcoming events.

||Fridays 1900 - 2100


The F. F. F. class focuses on the development of technical movement and physical fitness. Exercises range from drilling different step and movement patterns to endurance and strength training. Classes typically include some basic weapon drilling, and an open mat for sparring.

||Sundays 1100 - 1230


Sabre classes at WHFA-Appleton are primarily based on the military traditions and applications of 18 and 19th century Western Europe. Class structure will vary, but cover a range of topics including military sabre fundamentals, history and context of various military sabre treatises, drills and games to develop physical wellness and strong fencing practices.

||Alternating Tuesdays 1930 - 2100


*Smallsword curriculum currently in development*

||(Alternating Mondays 1730 - 1900)


Students will explore a wide range of Ringen(a German wrestling tradition) principles and techniques in an instructor led environment. Class content and structure will vary between grappling and dagger-based instruction and drills.

||Alternating Tuesdays 1930 - 2100   

||Alternating Thursdays 1930 - 2100