A Welcome

The Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association welcomes you!


Thank you for your interest in the Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association. As the Group’s Owner and Lead Instructor, let me be the first to introduce you to our club, some of its basic features and this growing martial art.

      We provide a safe, supportive and challenging environment for the study of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Our training centers on the medieval longsword but also addresses the rapier, staff, sword and buckler, dagger, and wrestling. No previous experience is necessary. Whether you want to hone skills developed in other martial arts, explore history firsthand or just find an exciting new workout we have something for you! Please refer to the Three Tracks article linked here for further information on how the WHFA addresses multiple interests in the same club.

      These techniques and weapons were historically taught from the perspective of a scholarly activity. The people who trained in these arts were considered students of a noble art. We are rebuilding this historical connection with our curriculum and seek like-minded students to help interpret and exercise these principals. The WHFA is blessed to have a number of highly qualified assistant instructors and scholars who are passionate and motivated.

Krump Pow! 2015

      Although these arts developed from centuries-old traditions they are just as relevant today! My years of experience training both in the Military and in Law Enforcement have demonstrated time and time again how connected we are to the past.

      The WHFA offers a wide range of interests and opportunities. From weekly training sessions to International seminars, tournaments and Hollywood movie projects you will find the Club is very active. We have a global community of HEMA scholars to share and explore these arts. Wherever I travel in the World, I am never very far from a HEMA club.  The WHFA also belongs to an International group sharing the same rank structure. You can read about it here!

-Aaron Pynenberg